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If you are keen on starting to update your Muskegon, MI home’s insulation, start on the attic.

The attic is a major gateway of energy since it receives heat from the roof. Meanwhile, since cold air naturally goes upward, the attic, in the same way, receives it through the ceiling. In essence, the attic is built to contain these energies so they don’t affect the comfort level of the whole home. The attic is that leeway of space that allows unnecessary heat and cold to circulate.

Thus, the condition of your Muskegon, MI home’s attic insulation can significantly affect its overall comfort and energy efficiency. This is where choosing the right insulation solution becomes critical.

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Why Use Spray Foam Insulation in Attics?

Because most homeowners prefer to utilize their attics more than being a bare space, they cannot now function fully as an insulation and ventilation medium.

Today, attics are mostly used as a storage space for seasonal items, or as a spare bedroom or hangout area. With that, all the more that we need to make it more comfortable.

  • Keeps your home cool during summer

    Spray foam insulation is a great choice for attic insulation in Muskegon, MI homes because of its superior thermal resistance capacity. It is outstanding when it comes to preventing the heat from the roof from penetrating unnecessarily in your home during summer, allowing your cooling system to work normally.

    Spray foam can be sprayed either directly on the roof underside or on the attic flooring, which is the opposite side of your home’s ceiling. This way, you are helping it stay at comfortable temperature levels during extreme climate conditions like summer or winter.

  • Prevents warm air from escaping during winter

    Aside from its high thermal resistance capacity, spray foam is also excellent in keeping your Muskegon, MI home warm during winter. This is because spray foam attic insulation can also air seal the space, preventing warm air from escaping through the ceiling and the roof.

    Spray foam has this behavior of expanding to about 3 times its fluid volume before it hardens. This allows it to penetrate through crevices and clings to suspended or hard-to-reach parts of your home like beams and in-between ducts.

    Remember that these areas are potential unnecessary escape routes of energy that may cause too many temperature variations in the living space.

    Now, with spray foam in place, your attic insulation can help regulate the temperature inside your Muskegon, MI home with the assistance, of course, of its HVAC system.

  • Helps clean the air inside your home

    Spray foam attic insulation becomes an active aid in keeping the conditioned air intact inside your Muskegon, MI home. This pertains to high-quality air that is both thermally regulated and free from pollens and other air pollutants. Spray foam can filter these out with its dense construction.

  • Increases your home’s energy efficiency

    With its air sealing, thermal resistance, and air filtering properties, you increase your home’s overall energy efficiency. You can now enjoy lower energy bills without sacrificing your comfort.

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